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720 Bedford Street, Stamford, Connecticut, 06901, USA

1 mile from Amtrak Station...

Our Hotel Cats


Each have their own rag to riches story, ranging from being found in a feral colony in JFK airport to being abandoned with their litter of kittens, we made the easy choice to provide our cats a home when heard their plight.

Our HCO’s (Hospitality Cat Officers) will spend their time making our lobby a happier place to be. Their main job is making sure that there aren’t any sunbeams not being lounged in and couch cushions not being tested for comfort.

All of our feline employees have decided that a life is better spent basking in the comfort of the hotel life and they hope that you enjoy your stay as much as they are enjoying life here as well.

However, please be aware that sometimes our cats need some downtime and do not wish to be entertained at that moment. If they are acting shy, please let them be and they will be sure to say hi to the next time they see you!